Tips for Choosing A Trusted Excellent Fruit Export Company

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Did you know that fruit production in Indonesia is of excellent quality and has been exported to dozens of countries worldwide? Local fruits such as durian, coconut, mangosteen, and so on are in demand by people from various countries. From this description, you know that the potential for local fruits is very high to enter the export market.

So it’s not surprising that many people from all over the country are interested in trying Indonesian exotic fruits or even starting a business selling export fruits. However, to ensure you get good quality exported fruits, it is very important to choose a trusted fruit export company to get fresh and quality fruit products.

An exporter who does not have credibility will only make you dizzy, as well as your business incur losses. So, before you determine the right exporter, read the following tips.

Tips for Choosing a Trusted Fruit Export Company

Consumers want imported fruits that are fresh and healthy. So, therefore, the first thing you have to do is looking a fruit expert company that only sells fresh fruit in your business. To get a suitable exporter and follow these needs, here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Choose an Experienced Fresh Fruit Specialty Exporter

As you know, sensitive matters such as logistics, customs, document requirements, and regulations in each export destination country are quite  dizzy for fruit importers. This is because all of that can have an impact on the success of importing fresh fruit.

So, as a fresh fruit importer that prioritizes product quality, packaging, and compliance with regulations, of course, you have to choose an exporting company that specifically provides and has experience in handling fresh fruit exports.

This will certainly be very helpful when you as an importer of Indonesian exotic fruit products often experience general import problems as mentioned earlier. You can count on consulting an experienced fruit export company so you don’t have to worry about documentation, customs, or other regulatory issues that could hold back your shipment.

A reliable fresh fruit exporter is the key to the long-term success of your fresh fruit business, both as a distributor and retailer. They will always ensure that your fruit products arrive safely, on time, and of course in very good quality.

2. Ensure The Fruit Export Companies Can Show Certification

Export market maturity conditions in various countries such as America and Europe are driven by regulations and certification. So, of course, buyers and consumers hope to get quality fruit products when shopping. Their fruit safety and sanitation standards are fairly high.

Therefore, it is important to find a reliable supplier that holds international certification standards. So, the main certification that you have to make sure of before choosing a credible fruit export company is the Global GAP certification. In addition, other certifications such as the International Food Standard (IFS), FSSC 22000, and the Safe Quality Food Program (SQF).

3. Make Sure About Your Destination Country’s Customs Compliance

As a fresh fruit importer, you must understand the customs regulations in the destination country. So, to ensure it, you are advised to ask the fruit export company of your choice about the customs regulations in the destination country. Find out whether the exporting company cooperates with your destination country or not.

4. Choose a Fruit Export Company that Collaborates with Fruit Growers

Before deciding on a potential fresh fruit exporter, make sure you choose a fruit export company that contracts with agriculture. Contracted fruit growers can provide you with significant benefits due to a more consistent supply of fresh fruit.

In addition, contracted farmers are also usually better trained and educated to understand export standard quality fruit products. Starting from the seeding process to harvesting is carried out carefully so that the quality of fruit products is at the highest level.

Besides product quality, other important aspects that you should consider as an importer are long-term business partnerships, effective and fast communication, and exporters can supply many varieties of fruit for your supply.

Those are some tips on choosing a superior and trusted fruit export company so that it is suitable for you to become a partner. Probably, it is quite difficult, isn’t it? However, now you have the right to feel calm because Adir is a trusted fruit exporter from Bali, Indonesia. As an experienced fruit export company, we always prioritize superior and best quality fruit products to the local and international markets.

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